Dedicated Cat Boarding


Do you need a place for your cat to stay while you’re away for work or vacation? At Sunrise Veterinary Services, we have cats-only boarding for our feline friends of Alpena! Our cat-friendly space is a place where your cat can relax and enjoy a comfortable vacation of their own. We aim to make your cat's stay with us a pleasant and fun experience!

Cat Boarding Facilities in Alpena

Our Boarding Amenities

At our cat boarding facility, your feline companion enjoys spacious cat condos, plenty of affection from our caring staff, and some play time as well! When your cat is with us, we do everything we can to make them feel comfortable. We know that some cats are more sociable than others, and so we will tailor our attention and care accordingly so no cat receives too little (or too much!) attention. Additionally, since our cat boarding is inside our veterinary clinic, we have veterinarians available should your cat need medical care.

Cat Boarding Facilities in Alpena: Cat Tower

Boarding Advice and Requirements

When you bring your cat to stay with us, there are a few things to keep in mind to help your cat’s stay be as comfortable as possible:

  • Bring in familiar toys and bedding that smell like home.
  • Bring in their own food from home, which is especially important if they are on a special diet.
  • Please bring in any needed medications and the instructions for administering them with you for our staff. We’ll make sure they get what they need!

Additionally, it is essential that your cat be current on their vaccinations. We require cats to have been vaccinated from:

  • Rabies

It is also essential they are free from parasites, so please keep up with parasite preventatives to ensure they are pest-free for their stay with us.

For any more information about cat boarding, or to book your cat’s stay with us, please contact us today!


We brought our cat Maizey in for a wellness check and immunizations this morning. The office staff were so nice! Dr. LaCross and Ruth were so gentle with Maizey and were so sweet to her. The services were very affordable. You need to stop by just to say hello to their "Greeter Cats"

Yvonda S.

Professional and friendly. They treat my fur babies like their own. Very thorough and willing to speak to you about everything.

Heather M.

I came here with my cat and am so happy that I did! They all care so much and are very affordable.

Cheryl R.


Sunrise Veterinary Services

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