Contrary to popular belief, cats are excellent pets that are active and require daily exercise! Although these feline friends are depicted as anti-social animals that sleep throughout the day, they have a lot of energy and need to release it.

Have you ever noticed your cat scratching at the furniture or playing with bottle caps on the floor? While it may appear to be malicious or destructive, they are truly just bored. You should provide your cats with toys so that they can have fun and stimulate their mind. Listed below are seven cat toys that are fun for cats in Alpena, MI.

Cat Toy Favorites in Alpena, MI

1. Cat Tunnels

A personal favorite cat toy is a cat tunnel. Cats are explorers by heart and nature. They are curious little animals that enjoy looking around and finding their own adventures. This may be why they are so interested in cat tunnels.

The best thing about cat tunnels is that they are easy to find everywhere. Not only are they easy to find, but they are affordable and less messy than most cat toys. Cat tunnels can either be simple or elaborate. A simple cat tunnel is one long straight line that your cat can run through and sleep in. This is a maze for your cat and not only stimulates them physically but mentally as well. There are benefits to keeping your cat’s mind sharp.

2. Cat Lasers

There is no question about it; cats love playing with lasers and lights! Have you ever shined a cat laser at the wall? Chances are, if you have, you’ve also seen your cat jump up and try to catch the mysterious light. If you notice that your cat has the late-night zoomies, it may be because they do not get enough exercise or playtime throughout the day.

If you can, instead of letting your cat sleep, take a cat laser and shine the light on the walls and floors. Your cat will be invested in hours as they try to catch and find it. There are also automatic cat lasers that can do it for you when you are not home.

3. Catnip Infused Toys

Catnip produces happy feelings in cats. The ‘high’ they receive is pleasant, and the smell attracts them from everywhere. If you have a cat that knows what catnip is, you know that the moment you open a new bag or spray the scent, they are right next to you instantly! While catnip-infused toys may not sound fun, as catnip is just a scent, these toys keep your cat both active and happy.

Scratch boards, for example, can be infused with catnip to attract your cat to play. Some cats, as they get older, don’t want to play as much. While this is a normal part of aging, you should always engage your cat in play. Sprinkling catnip into their favorite toys can help in doing this.

4. Scratch Boards

For cats that love to scratch your furniture and walls, it may be time to invest in scratch board.  These innovative and unique toys vary in design, size, and type. Some families own large scratch boards that are built into a cat climbing toy. The scratch boards or posts not only help your cat file and sharpen their nails, but they also provide them with a routine.

If you give your cat a scratching board, they are likely to get used to their new toy in a matter of a few hours. Scratch boards are toys that your cat can use over and over again. They likely will never tire of using it as the satisfaction they feel when they comb their claws in the board is strong.

5. Fishing Pole Toys

If you want to bond with your cat and watch them leap into the air, you should invest in a fishing pole cat toy. A fishing pole cat toy is a cat toy that has wind, string, and something attached to the string, like a lure. Sometimes the ‘lure’ is a bell, feather, or colorful mouse.

Fishing pole cat toys are one of the more commonly seen toys, as cats are attracted to the lure. You can swing the ‘fishing line’ above them so they can jump, stretch, and run to grab it.

6. Cat Climbing Toys

Cats, especially kittens, are curious and love to climb and jump. Their long legs help them land gracefully from tall heights. However, seeing your cat try to climb on your table or kitchen may be frustrating. To prevent this and to keep them active, you can purchase a cat climbing toy.

Cat climbing toys come in all kinds of different sizes. They can reach up to three feet tall and are compact in size. These fun cat toys are great at giving your feline friend a well-needed stretch.

7. Cat Puzzles

Did you know that cats can do puzzles? Cat puzzles are growing in popularity for cat owners. Cat puzzles challenge your pet cats’ minds to grow as they solve puzzles. The puzzles typically are made of movable pieces that your cat must move using their bodies across the indicated lines. In some cat puzzles, there are jingling ball toys underneath a mat that they need to get out of.

Need to Figure Out the Best Cat Toy for Your Cat? Our Alpena, MI, Animal Hospital Can Help!

Cats are truly spectacular animals and a great addition to any family. While cat owners need to take care of their cat’s physical health, they should also focus on their mental and emotional health. You can keep your cat mentally stimulated, physically healthy, and happy with various cat toys. The main cat toys on the market that you can use with your cat are cat tunnels, lasers, catnip toys, scratchboards, fishing pole toys, cat climbing toys, and cat puzzles.

Although these toys are all genuinely safe and durable, it is important to check on your cat as they play with them. It is possible for toys to break, creating environments where they can hurt themselves if not careful. If you have any questions in regards to types of cat toys or what kinds of cat toys would be best for your cat, give our animal hospital in Alpena, MI, a call at (989) 354-2241.

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