Diagnostics for a Deeper Understanding of Pet Health


With so many advancements in the last few decades in veterinary medicine, we are now able to understand much more of your pet’s health than we ever could before. Pet diagnostics technology, especially, has allowed us to better evaluate and therefore better treat illness and injury. At Sunrise Veterinary Services, we use the latest laboratory and x-ray technology for advanced veterinary care.

Pet Diagnostics Services in Alpena: Veterinarian Examines Dog's Ear

Why Might Your Pet Need Advanced Diagnostic Work?

Veterinarians use pet diagnostics to confirm the diagnosis of certain illnesses, get a better idea of how severe an injury might be, and examine the skeletal structure, among other things. One of the more regular uses we find for lab work includes pre-anesthetic bloodwork. Before every surgery, we strongly recommend bloodwork to confirm that your pet hasn’t had any changes to their health that could affect anesthesia. At Sunrise Veterinary Services, we frequently use both laboratory work as well as digital x-ray technology for a variety of situations.

Lab Work

We frequently use lab work for:

  • Testing for parasites with fecal exams
  • Assessing kidney and organ health with urinalysis
  • Examining skin cells for abnormalities with cytology
  • Diagnosing diseases with blood chemistry panels
  • And much more!

Digital X-ray

Our digital x-ray technology allows us to get detailed images of your pet’s internal structures including bone and even organs. We use x-rays for:

  • Examining broken bones or fractures
  • Analyzing organs for disease
  • Locating an ingested foreign object
  • Checking for kidney or bladder stones
  • And more!
Pet Diagnostics Services in Alpena: Cat Sitting

If you think your pet would benefit from diagnostics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’ll be happy to set up an appointment to discuss your pet’s options.


We brought our cat Maizey in for a wellness check and immunizations this morning. The office staff were so nice! Dr. LaCross and Ruth were so gentle with Maizey and were so sweet to her. The services were very affordable. You need to stop by just to say hello to their "Greeter Cats"

Yvonda S.

Professional and friendly. They treat my fur babies like their own. Very thorough and willing to speak to you about everything.

Heather M.

I came here with my cat and am so happy that I did! They all care so much and are very affordable.

Cheryl R.


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