Cat and Dog spay and neuter surgery is a very beneficial procedure. Pets who undergo a spay or neuter surgery typically experience longer, healthier, and happier lives. They escape the risk of various medical conditions that can cause serious illness. Additionally, undesirable behaviors are modified to be less intense and may even vanish altogether. Not only are there benefits for your pet, but for the greater Alpena pet community, too, with less unwanted litters that may never find a home.

What Spay and Neuter Does for Your Pet (& You!)

Males and females both benefit from a timely spay or neuter surgery. For most cats and dogs, we recommend surgery at about 6 months of age. However, this timeline may vary. Larger breed dogs, for instance, can benefit from a later surgery, while female pets may benefit from a slightly earlier surgery. Please consult your veterinarian to establish a specific timeline for your pet.

Benefits for males:

  • Less likely to roam to find a mate
  • Reduced urine spraying
  • Less risk for prostate problems
  • Diminished aggression
  • No risk for testicular cancer

Benefits for females:

  • Less likely to roam to find a mate
  • Does not experience frustrating and sometimes messy heat cycles
  • Less risk for developing mammary tumors
  • No risk for pyometra (uterine infection)
  • No risk for ovarian and uterine cancers.

Spay & Neuter for Small Mammals Too

At Sunrise Veterinary Services, we can perform spay and neuter surgeries on cats, dogs, and some small mammals such as ferrets and rabbits. Each species benefits in a slightly different way, but the core fact remains that sterilization is usually an ideal choice to make for your pet.